My name is Beatrix Stocker. I live with my husband and three daughters in the smallest Austrian town Oberwölz in Styria

in a spacious house with garden. My big passion is my dogs and working with them.

My first dog was Wolfspitz Rexi, who accompanied me through my childhood from the day I was born.

Rexi was 16 years old and through him my passion became dogs.

My second dog was Pascha, a German shepherd dog that I took over from my brother.

I lived with him on my parents’ farm until Christmas 1985.

Through Pasha I learned a lot about working with dogs.

In February 1986 I bought the German Shepherd Aik. He accompanied me through my youth into adulthood.

Aik was a loving playmate to my daughters and after moving to our new house until old age

15 years a faithful protector of “his” house and “his” family.

After Aik, Daisy, my first Chesapeake Bay Retriever, moved in with us. I was fascinated by this breed and engaged in it

intense with the typical retrieving. Daisy is the tribe bitch of my Chesapeake Bay retriever.

From the A-litter and B-litter I kept Antonia and Bobby, who confirmed my fascination with this very rare race, especially in Europe.

With Daisy I was very successful on many shows (Daisy is now Austrian and International Champion).

The Golden Retrievers struck me again and again on these exhibitions. As luckily I am in a big house with garden

In the midst of nature, I could also take a Golden Retriever lady to my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

So it happened that in April 2004 Gina moved in with us. Gina was immediately taken into the family by Daisy and Antonia (Bobby was not born at that time) .

I also started the retrieving with her. I have heard here and there that you can be successful with a Golden Retriever who is successful at exhibitions

could not work so well, but Gina proved the opposite.

In 2006 she passed the Huntability Test for Retrievers with the maximum number of points and received the 1a prize!

Gina is the tribe bitch of my Golden Retriever breed.

Our youngest family member is Birit, Gina`s daughter. She was born on 03.02.2007 and keeps us (humans and dogs) really busy!

I have three Chesapeake Bay Retriever bitches (Daisy, Antonia and Bobby) and two Golden Retriever bitches (Gina and Birit)).

My bitches are trained hunting and love this work. It is very important to me to employ my dogs in an appropriate manner.

Together, we repeatedly perform exhibitions, working tests or hunting tests.

My top breeding goals are the health and physical well-being of my puppies. Furthermore, in my offspring temperament and beauty is important to me.

I strive as a breeder to the best of my knowledge and belief to achieve these breeding goals.

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